Taiwan Highland Oolong Tea


This tea is called "Milk Oolong" as the after taste is milky feeling.

Harvested in 1300m high mountain, 

杉林渓 where is centre of Taiwan.

Refreshing but milky and sweetness in the after taste.

Taiwan Highland Oolong



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Wild Phoenix Oolong Tea (Spring Tea)   


This tea is from 200years old tree.

Anunal production is only 4kg as this tea is produced from only single bush.

Rich and long after taste and sweet honey, Lychee, flowery aroma.

This is a top quality tea.

Wild 200years tree Phoenix Oolong 野生蜜蘭香単叢



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Wild Phoenix Oolong Tea(Spring Tea)


This tea is from 190years old tree.

Unique fresh juicy fruits aroma like peach. Earlier brew, taste is elegant fresh sweetness and later brew is fruity after taste.

This is a top quality tea.

Wild 190years tree Phoenix Oolong野生蟠桃香単叢



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High mountain Phoenix Oolong Tea (Spring Tea)   Wild Eight God


Impressive orchid flowery aroma is so elegant.

Strong after taste as this is 185years old tree and wild grown.

You can brew this tea 20 times or more  .

Only 3kg available.

Altitude 1150m.


Phoenix Oolong Tea (Spring Tea) 野生八仙

50g per package


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Phoenix Oolong Tea (Spring Tea)   


Elegant orchid aroma with long lasting and waves of sweetness as you drink this tea.


This is strongly roasted . 

Phoenix Oolong Tea (Spring Tea) 蜜蘭香

50g per package


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Phoenix Black Tea (Spring Tea)   


 This is fully fermented Phoenix tea.

Taste is sweet, warm and kind.

But with strong body of mineral and long after taste.

This year's Black tea is exceptionally good as there are very rich aroma of flowery.

If you are looking for not intensive black tea, but want to feel good satisfaction, this tea is a good choice.


Phoenix Black Tea (Spring Tea) 紅茶

50g per package


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Phoenix Oolong Tea (Winter Tea)   


Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong is originated from Chao Zhou(潮州), Northen east of Guangdong.

"Dang Cong" ﹙單欉﹚means an original single tree.

This tea is harvested and produced in Nov.

Lower carbon roasted tea from very old tea around 90 years old tree.

Strong and sensitive flowery aroma with sweet taste but less bitterness.


This tea is harvested in 2021.

2021 was the great year for winter tea for its intensive aroma.


Phoenix Oolong Tea (Winter Tea) 鴨屎尿

50g per package


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