Private Tea Workshop/茶藝課程(工作坊)

We offer several kinds of Japanese Tea Workshop.

Let's enjoy unique knowledge of Japanese tea culture. 

*Private workshop should be held at Wing Kut Street, Tea Time.

1. 日本茶入門——簡介、沖泡及品嘗不同種類的日本茶 
1, General Knowledge and How to brew Japanese Tea.


費用︰每人每課 港幣 180元 (玉露+$50)


Duration: 30min to 1hour

Charge: HK$180/person(Gyokuro tasting +$50)

*General knowledge of Japanese tea

*How to brew Sencha(Green Tea), Genmai Tea, Hoji Tea

*Experience tea brewing

*Tea Tasting of Sencha, Genmai Tea, Hoji tea


2. 日本抹茶工作坊——如何泡抺茶?
2, How to make "Matcha"



費用︰每人每課 港幣 180元




Duration: 30min to 1hour

Charge: HK$180/person

*General knowledge of Matcha

*How to make Matcha.

*Experience of making Matcha

*Tea tasting of Matcha


3. 茶陶入門——如何選擇合適的陶瓷茶器?
3, Brewing and tasting tea with the "RIGHT" teapot



費用︰每人每課 港幣 180元




Duration: About 1hour

Charge: HK$180/person

*Introduction of "Tea Pot which will improve Tea Taste"

(What is Tea Pot which will improve Tea Taste? Please read here)

*Tea Tasting with different tea pots

*Different Tea tasting with a special tea pot(Japanese Tea and Chinese Tea)





4, "Sencha(Japanese Green Tea)" Tasting New


Duration: About 45min



This is the workshop which is deeply focused on Sencha.

*Introduction of  Sencha

*Tea Tasting of different Sencha, Deep Steam and Weak Steam, High place and Low place grown, Kabuse or Non Kabuse etc,,

*Experience of tea brewing




5, Black Tea Tasting  New

Duration: About 45min

Charge:HKD180/person (Turzum Muskital Wonder +$50)


This is the workshop which you will enjoy the difference of the tastes of Black tea from different places.

*Introduction of  Indian, Srilanka and Japanese Black Tea

*Tea Tasting of black tea from different countries.

*Experience of tea brewing


報名參加兩個工作坊﹙同一天內參加﹚    $260/每人 ﹙原價 $360/每人
報名參加三個工作坊﹙同一天內參加﹚    $360/每人 ﹙原價 $540/每人


Max 3 sessions at one time

If you join 2 or 3 sessions of workshop at same time, the charge will be discounted as below,,,,

2 sessions in one time $260/person

3 sessions in one time $360/person


Max 3 sessions at one time

Please request on "Other inquiry". 


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Group WorkShop

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Outside Workshop

We offer workshop in outside.

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